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DMG's continuous efforts since more than four and half decades has been successful to identify a number of metallic,altnonmetallicand fuel mineral deposits/ prospects/ occurrences and prove some economic and sub-economic deposits and also promote few mineral based industries like cement, agri-lime, marble, talc, dead burnt magnesite, zinc-lead etc.


Exploration and Mining Licenses
The Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) is the sole government organization which is responsible for all types of geological survey, mineral exploration and administration of Mining Rules and Regulations in Nepal. The department since its establishment has been carrying out geological mapping, mineral exploration and feasibility studies of mineral based industries.. Later it has extended its activities to provide ....

On the basis of existing Mines and Mineral Act, 2042 and Mines and Mineral Regulations, 2056, DMG issues the Exploration and Mining Licenses to the interested entrepreneurs. In FY 2071/72 it has issued 197 prospecting licenses for Limestone-42, Coal-6, Iron-10, Copper-7, Gold-35, Kyanite-15, Tourmaline-11, and 71 for other minerals like zinc, lead, quartz, talc,dolomite, silica sand, grenite, aquamarine, ruby, marble, quartzite etc. and renewed 350 prospecting licenses mainly for limestone-125, coal-10, quartz-10, copper-17, gold- 28, talc-27, kyanite-18, tourmaline-41, dolomite-10, aqumarine-6, gernite -5, and rest for marble, ruby, calcite, zinc, corundum etc. Similarly DMG has also issued 16 new Mining licenses (for limestone-5, coal-4, iron-1, talc-3,quartzite-3 and renewed 62 Mining licenses (limestone-20, coal-12, talc-5, quartz-4, kyanite-6, tourmaline-9, quartz-3, marble-1, red clay-2.

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